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Agri and Farm Tours

Agri and Farm Tours

Whether you've 'glamped' in the countryside in someone's backyard or squished grapes between your toes in Marlborough Sounds, you have been part of an industry that's expected to see continued growth as we return to being more connected with our environment and the origins of products.

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What is Agri Tourism?

In its most basic sense, agri-tourism can be thought of as just that; the integration of tourism and agriculture. More precisely, it's defined as a form of commercial enterprise that links agricultural production or processing with tourism to attract visitors, with many financial, educational, and social benefits for tourists, producers, and communities. With the rise in consciousness of sustainable living, we hope that through our cloth connection with our local farming community, we can show how an agri-tourism holiday can benefit a wider community. And agri-tourism doesn't have to be big, complex ideas. Explo farmers' markets, take winery tours, stay at rural B&Bs, and visit animal farm parks - all examples of agri-tourism.


Why is it on the rise?

The way people travel is evolving as explorers seek memorable, immersive experiences. There is also a growing demand to return to nature and escape the noise of daily life. As a result, travellers are stepping off the beaten track and treading new paths, embracing local cultures' food, flora, and fauna. Agri-tourism caters to this rising demand for valuable experiences by offering insight into (often otherwise unseen) industries. In doing so, it can also become a key contributor to the local tourism economy, attracting a higher volume of visitors and increasing the length of their stay (and therefore spending). This isn't just great for local businesses; it feels great to contribute to smaller, local economies.


Who benefits from Agri Tourism?

Everyone! Travellers, small agricultural businesses, and in some cases, the planet. Agri-tourism can offer guests new insights and experiences that, in most instances, strengthen their connection with the environment. Whether it's cut-flower gardens offering bouquet workshops, dairy farms inviting guests to milk cows, or those with idyllic unused land converting it into space for tents or temporary accommodation facilities, it's a great way to fuse travel experiences for guests with agricultural benefits for businesses. Agri-tourism is the next step in eco-aware living; it's an opportunity to educate and influence buying and lifestyle choices. Opening the gates to the agri-curious for interactive farm tours and workshops will, we hope, spread a better understanding of the importance of new farming practices. Millennials are increasingly receptive to more sustainable ways of thinking, and research shows they look to industry leaders to support them.

Get off the beaten track and explore New Zealand's beautiful regions; enjoy excellent hospitality from friendly farmers keen to share their sustainable farming, view spectacular landscapes and enjoy those iconic Kiwi experiences you've always wanted to do!