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New Zealand Fishing Tours

New Zealand Fishing Tours

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Anglers from all over the world have classed New Zealand as an Angling Paradise. It hosts some of the best wild Brown and Rainbow Trout fishing worldwide. 

The foundations of trout fishing in New Zealand were laid over 100 years ago with the introduction of fish from America and Tasmania. Today, trout fishing is a trendy sport in the country.

The North and South Islands of New Zealand offer excellent fishing. Most clear streams, springs and creeks, stunning rivers, and pristine blue lakes support large Brown and Rainbow Trout populations. Each year many trophy fish over ten pounds are taken.

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Rainbow and Brown Trout

  • The Rainbow Trout originates from the Russian River in California
  • Brown Trout were introduced from Tasmania
  • Both species are prevalent
  • Fishing areas such as Rotorua and Taupo on the North Island and the Northern, Central and Southern South Island are trendy.
  • The Winter season is from April to October
  • Summer season from October to April
  • Spawning runs are between May and September
  • Generally, catches average 3-5 pounds, with trophy fish over 10 pounds not uncommon.
  • Allow at least two days for a trout fishing experience

Fishing Conditions 
Most fishing locations are relatively easy to access, but if you want trophy fish and the excitement of stalking these wily trout, you need to go 'backcountry'. Additionally, a reasonable standard of fitness is required for these expeditions. 

Fishing techniques 
Dry fly, wet fly, and nymph fishing are the most common methods for fishing in all regions. Methods of fishing and styles can vary from district to district. Spinning, harling, down rigging, and streamer fishing are very successful in Taupo and Rotorua's Central North Island lake areas. 

Equipment and supplies 
We recommend layered clothing suitable for sudden weather changes. Don't forget sunscreen and a hat, especially during the summer months. For stream fishing, felt-soled boots and lightweight waders are recommended. 

We recommend employing guides for apparent reasons, and several full-time professional fishing guides are available. New Zealand is a wild trout fishery, and the emphasis is very much on quality rather than quantity. Experienced guides know the moods of local rivers and weather trends. They provide advice and will help you adjust your techniques for success. They often have access arrangements to private property and will provide all transport requirements. 

Boat fishing 
Most lakes are fished all year round and provide excellent sport. However, trolling on the larger lakes, using lures and flies, is the preferred method for catching trout. Boats range from 14 to 52ft launches and can cater to larger groups; some charters offer an overnight experience. Skippers will supply all fishing gear and offer expert advice and knowledge of the area. 

Weight 6-8 fly rods with floating and sink tips are recommended for most regions. 
Most guides provide all fishing equipment and know the local fishing regulations and limits. 

Fishing Licenses 
Licenses are available throughout New Zealand and can be obtained from fishing guides, lodges, visitor centres, and charter boat operators. Fishing licenses may be used in any area of New Zealand except Lake Taupo. You must buy a local right to fish Lake Taupo or one of the region's streams. 

Charges for a guide vary depending on the service and include transport, equipment, and refreshments. Most directories offer half-day or full-day fishing trips. There are additional fees for helicopter or raft-fishing tours. Prices for boat fishing depend on the launch's size and facilities and the duration of the trip. 

Aroha New Zealand Tours chooses only the best fishing guides in this country. 

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