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New Zealand Online Experiences

New Zealand Online Experiences

Our Online Experiences are live special events hosted by our local experts entirely over Zoom, giving you the chance to connect with people around the world in small groups for a personal and memorable experience. Or for a team-building event.

Travellers or Students

We all have to stay at home for a little while to stay safe, but it doesn't have to mean you can't have some fun! Discover the magic of a unique experience within your home's comfort and safe social distance. Gather with your friends or coworkers and foster a sense of belonging among remote teams.

Do you have a travel bug? Like to know more about New Zealand as a country or destination?

From spectacular landscapes to Kiwi kindness, this is what makes New Zealand such a special place. People come from all over the world to experience our little paradise at the bottom of the Earth. Learn about how we protect our unique environment and integrate our fantastic culture.

Example Online Experiences

The New Zealand Experience-Guardians of people & places 
Farming New Zealand, A Day in the Life On A Large Dairy Farm
Living on top of Active Volcanic Fields in New Zealand

Team building

Hosting a virtual event allows your coworkers to connect fun, unexpected way. These connections help forge friendships and relationships that result in a happier, more productive workplace.
Together you can experience a small but meaningful dose of culture from different places around our country via virtual tours!

We bring employees together wherever you are! Online team-building through our online experiences allows remote teams to connect, learn something new, and have fun! Our online team-building experiences are interactive and live activities hosted virtually by enthusiastic local hosts. So choose a remote team event and book your virtual team building activity session online. It's that easy!

What To Know

  • Most, if not all, experiences are hosted on Zoom. As a result, you can access the meeting on both a desktop and mobile device.
  • Team members join the experience via Zoom, where you'll meet the host.
  • Booking a spot is easy! Whether you have a small group or a larger team, you can reserve an experience altogether within one book.
  • We ensure quality standards, and past participants highly rate each option here!
  • Direct bookings Online Experiences from Aotearoa, New Zealand
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