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Launch yourself into the amazing Aotearoa, New Zealand, let us welcome you here. Kia ora.

Wellness in New Zealand

5 reasons wellness is the next big tourism trend in New Zealand

Let’s consider why so many people flock to our little piece of paradise every year, and that’s it – it’s a little piece of paradise!

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Authentic New Zealand

Authentic New Zealand… true to life

Get off the beaten track; get away from it all. Immerse yourselves in the experience our little slice of paradise offers.

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Winter in NZ is a winner

Beat the heat – 9 reasons Winter in New Zealand is a winner

As the days lengthen and the temperatures continue to rise in the Northern Hemisphere… Winter is in full swing in our little slice of paradise.

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Stories from a private guide

5 humorous short stories from a private travel guide

I always hope my visitors fall in love with New Zealand and take a little piece with them when they return to their home country.

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Celebrate our wine

Celebrate New Zealand’s love affair with wine

New Zealand wines continue to win international acclaim and awards, bringing home trophies from the International Wine Challenge in 2020.

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Journeys into flavours

New Zealand: a journey of flavour

A ‘Journey of flavours’, we explore some of the latest tantalising products that have been created in New Zealand for your consumption...

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Hidden Gems in NZ

5 incredible hidden gems in New Zealand

Have you ever dreamt about being the one to discover that scarce thing, a site, a place, somewhere that you alone have found and can appreciate?

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Amazing Cities in NZ

7 amazing towns and cities to visit in New Zealand

Cities tend to have a vibe about them, a sense that something might be happening just around the corner. Cities hold infectious energy; oh boy, is that true of New Zealand cities.

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Exploring NZ with a guide

Exploring NZ with a guide – 5 ways to enhance your holiday

Engaging a trustworthy private guide could be the key to unlocking your dream holiday. 

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Tiaki Promise: Sustainability

Tiaki: the heart of New Zealand sustainability

Well known for its stunning scenery, pristine wilderness, and native wildlife, Aotearoa is an extraordinary place… like none other on earth.

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