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COVID-19 and Travel

COVID-19 and Travel


As of 12/09/22, New Zealand no longer operates under a 'traffic light system' in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

What does this mean for travel in new Zealand?

VaccinationAs of the 26th of September (26/09/22), It is no longer a requirement to have a covid-19 vaccination to enter New Zealand. Aroha New Zealand Tours is delighted to welcome all tourists into Aotearoa, vaccinated or not.

Testing for covid-19: It is no longer a government requirement to test for covid-19 on arrival in New Zealand. Thus, tourists are no longer required to test for covid-19 on days one and five/six during their time in New Zealand.

Face Masks: The government have elected to drop the 'traffic light system' framework. Therefore, travellers in New Zealand are no longer required to wear a face mask. However, face masks may be required on outbound international flights depending on the country's specific expectations.

Mask exceptions: You may be asked to wear a face mask in facilities such as hospitals, rest homes, and under unique circumstances. However, this is at their own discretion, not a government requirement.

Isolation: It was announced that if you test positive for covid-19, you must isolate for seven days; however, if you are in close contact with someone testing positive for covid-19, you are no longer required to isolate unless testing positive for the virus yourself.