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10 Day - Family Fun Tour North Island

10 Day - Family Fun Tour North Island

New Zealand is the perfect holiday destination for a young family. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the North Island and participate in a wide range of family fun activities and entertainment together.

This is a trip for families with children of a young age and ability. We make sure you will see our highlights and provide you with a uniquely personal and flexible experience for the whole family. At Hot Water Beach, where you can dig your own personal spa pool in the sand. Take a road trip around Middle Earth and pretend to be a Hobbit. Learn about our farm environment and local animals at a real working farm.

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Private guided tour 9 nights
Category: Culture, Family
North Island
Departing/Finishing: Auckland
Accommodation: 4* or 5* quality hotels, Serviced Luxury Apartments, Luxury Lodges
Next Departure: Departs Daily 

Day 1: Auckland
(City tour, Or: Whale/Dolphin Safari, Or: Go behind the scenes in Auckland Zoo)
Day 2: Auckland - Coromandel Peninsula
(Kauri trees, Waterworks fun park, Mountain railway)
Day 3: Coromandel
(Cruise to Cathedral Cove, Hot water Beach) 
Day 4: Coromandel - Matamata - Rotorua
(Hobbiton, Te Puia art centre and Maori cultural performance) 
Day 5: Rotorua
(Rainbow Springs, Skyline gondola and luge, Or: Zorbing) 
Day 6: Rotorua – National Park - Rangitikei Valley
(Trout Centre, Farm-stay and Farm animal Tour) 
Day 7: Rangitikei River Valley
(Soft rafting trip through Lord of the Rings scenery, Or: Helicopter in Canyon, Or: Horse trekking in Valley) 
Day 8: Rangitikei Valley - Taupo
(Volcanoes, National Park, jet boat at Huka Falls, Or: The squeeze and Jetboat to natural hot waterfalls)
Day 9: Taupo - Waitomo Caves
(Glow-worm caves tour or the Troll Cave)
Day 10: Waitomo drive back to Auckland

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Day 1: Auckland Arrival

Imagine an urban environment where everyone lives within half an hour of beautiful beaches, hiking trails and a dozen enchanting holiday islands. Add a sunny climate, a background rhythm of Polynesian culture and a passion for outstanding food, wine and shopping, and you’re beginning to get the picture of Auckland, our largest and most diverse city. Discover the diverse range of cafes and restaurants offering cuisine from around the globe and check out the buzzing nightlife of the central city. 

Or: Dolphin and Whale watch cruise. Experience the diverse marine wildlife and stunning scenery of Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. See wild marine mammals and rare birds living in their natural habitat. Explore amongst volcanic islands with views of sandy beaches and hidden coves. Share special moments and close encounters with wildlife while capturing photos of rare birds, marine mammals and unique island views. 

Or: Go Behind the scenes at Auckland ZOO. Join two charismatic Cheetahs on their morning walk around the Zoo. Venture behind the scenes and enjoy a thrilling encounter with one of our Sumatran tigers. Bolivian squirrel monkeys are full of surprises! Meet these cheeky and intelligent omnivores up close when you go behind the scenes and treat them to their favourite lunch.

Accommodation: Auckland City

Day 2: Auckland - Coromandel

The Coromandel, renowned for its pristine beaches, misty forests and laid-back vibe, is one of New Zealand's most popular holiday destinations. A binocular’s view across the gulf from Auckland, The Coromandel is everything that a big city isn’t. With a mountainous interior cloaked in the native rainforest and more than 400 kilometres of dazzling white sand beaches, it is rustic, unspoiled and relaxed.

See the giant Kauri Trees on the Coromandel Peninsula. Estimated to be 1,200 years old, one of these trees has an unusual square-looking trunk. The walking track to the tree is short but steep with 187 steps. 

The Waterworks is the ultimate kiwi experience for people of all ages. There is something like 1,260,000,000,000,000,000,000 litres of water on earth and we've taken our portion of it and turned it into liquid fun! We've got water cannons to blast away on and bikes that pump H2O. Our human-sized hamster wheel is an absolute hoot and our mad inventions leave people wondering "what the". As well as the array of water-powered inventions to look at, play on, or interact with.

The Driving Creek Railway climbs 2.7km from the Base Station at 55 metres above sea level to EyeFull Tower at 167 metres above sea level, a total climb of 115 metres. With an average gradient of 1-in-24.1 (1 vertical metre for every 24.1 metre of length) the Driving Creek Railway is New Zealand’s steepest railway. Unlike most other tourist railways, this railway is newly built rather than being an old line that has been restored. It is New Zealand’s only narrow-gauge mountain railway.

Accommodation: Coromandel

Day 3: Coromandel - Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove is arguably one of the most picturesque spots (and there are many) in The Coromandel. Take a cruise and explore one of the world’s most stunning piece of coastline, including Cathedral Cove, sea caves, volcanic rock formations and pinnacles, plus the marine reserve above and below the surface. Sit back and watch the awesome marine life through the glass panels or take the plunge and snorkel amongst the fish. 

Dig your own hot pool metres from the Pacific Ocean at world-famous Hot Water Beach. Great surf, cafes & art galleries add to this very kiwi experience. Naturally, heated mineral water bubbles up from deep within the earth to emerge through golden sand at the appropriately named Hot Water Beach. Near the rocks, at the southern end of the beach, you can dig your own spa pool in the sand. Dig up to two hours either side of low tide – that's when the tide is low enough to expose the area of sand with hot water underneath. It's a strange but very pleasant feeling to be lying in a pool of hot water just metres from the refreshing sea.

Accommodation: Coromandel

Day 4: Coromandel - Matamata - Rotorua

Experience the real Middle-earth at the Hobbiton Movie Set, where you can step into the lush pastures of the Shire. Your guide will then escort you around the set, showing the intricate detailing, pointing out the most famous locations and explain how the movie magic was made.

Rotorua is known for bubbling mud pools, shooting geysers and natural hot springs, as well as showcasing our fascinating Maori culture. Sitting within the Pacific Rim of Fire, Rotorua is a geothermal wonderland. The city is surrounded by mountains, rivers, native forests and 18 freshwater lakes, making it the perfect place to reconnect with nature. Rotorua is a mountain biking mecca with world-class mountain bike trails. Walking, horse riding and swimming or fishing in the lakes and rivers are some of the best ways to see the wildlife, breath-taking scenery and discover the region’s hidden gems. 

Later on immerse yourself in Maori culture with a traditional introduction and performance, learning about the past, carving and dancing. You will taste an exquisite Maori feast prepared in the traditional Hangi style and watch the Maori cultural performance featuring traditional storytelling and entertainment. 

Accommodation: Rotorua

Day 5: Rotorua - Gondola and Luge

Visit Rainbow Springs Park where New Zealand nature stories are brought to life. Not only are you able to see endangered native species like the Kiwi and Tuatara but now with the Big Splash water ride, that story comes to life. Whether you are walking through the many free flight aviaries, feeding the biggest wild trout you will ever see, watching the birds being fed or coming face to face with pre-history in the eyes of a Tuatara.

Take the Gondola and experience spectacular views of Lake Rotorua, the city and steaming geothermal vistas. Once you reach the Skyline complex, select from one of the three exciting Luge trails. Take off downhill on your Luge cart through twists and turns to a backdrop of dramatic scenery and down through the Redwood forest. Once at the bottom, ride the Luge chairlift back to the top of the track and do it all over again. Invented in NZ, the Luge is a unique wheeled gravity ride on a purpose-built track - fun and adventure for the whole family.

Or: Dive into a giant inflatable ZORB ball and roll down Mt Ngongotaha with OGO Rotorua, where the fun will have you laughing uncontrollably. The experience of rolling down a hill inside a giant inflatable ball has been an iconic adventure experience in New Zealand.

Accommodation: Rotorua

Day 6: Rotorua - Rangitikei River Farm stay

Drive through cratered valleys that are hissing with clouds of steam. Follow the mighty Waikato River as it winds through changing natural landscapes and a series of handsome old hydropower dams. 

Visit the National Trout Centre and wander through the museum and learn about the history of trout and water ecology.  See the underwater viewing chamber, aquarium and hatchery or talk a nature walk along the Waihukahuka stream and Tongariro River. 

Travel around the edges of the Lake Taupo and stop at the remote Lake Rotoaira to get the first spectacular view of the Volcanic Plateau and Mount Tongariro.  

Drive deeper into farming country to the remote Mokai Valley, where the picturesque Rangitikei River meets the rugged Ruahine Ranges. The location is set at the edges of the crystal clear waters of the Rangitikei River amongst the beautiful native flora and fauna, which provides a stunning and picturesque backdrop. Help is always needed to collect the eggs, feed the chickens, pigs, deer, goats, dogs & puppies, rabbit, possums, sheep, llama, and turtles. Plus any extras especially in spring when we are bottle feeding the orphan lambs.

Accommodation: Rangitikei Valley

Day 7: Rangitikei River Valley - Mini Rafting in LOTR Scenery

Looking for something a bit more adventurous? Rafting through gentle grade 1 & 2 rapids - Feels like grade 3 in the Mini Rafts. With crystal clear waters, vertical gorges and unbelievable scenery of the Rangitikei River. Rafting under the Bungy bridge and visit a secret hidden waterfall. Stop for a Picnic in the stunning Rangitikei gorge and swim and go through scenes from the movie Lord of the Rings. 

Or: Experience a short Helicopter ride through the amazing valleys and gorge of the Rangatikai River valley.

Or: Experience the freedom of riding using Natural Horsemanship techniques, encouraging communication between horse and rider.  River Valley Stables has something for everyone – from a half day trek to a multi-day horse riding holiday. 

Help out on the farm as there always eggs to collect, chickens, pigs, deer, goats, dogs & puppies, rabbit, possums, sheep, llama, and turtles to feed. Plus any extras especially in spring when we are bottle feeding the orphan lambs.

Accommodation: Rangitikei Valley

Day 8: Rangitikei Valley - Lake Taupo

Pass the park ranges, which include wildly differing landscape and scenery: from deserts to vast areas of tussock land, mountain beech forests and wetlands, all with a mix of native flora and fauna. You will see active volcanic craters, natural springs, and valleys filled with jagged lava flows. Driving through the National Park area, which is a World Heritage Site, you will get superb views of the volcanic peaks of Ruapehu, Tongariro and Ngauruhoe

Lake Taupo, the largest Lake in this country and also the world’s largest volcanic crater, created in one giant explosion nearly two thousand years ago it darkened the sky’s in Europe and China.  Taupo is famous for its fishing and its trophy-sized trout. 

The Waikato River, New Zealand's longest river, moves gracefully north from Lake Taupo between banks 100 metres apart. Just before the Huka Falls, it enters a shallow ravine of hard volcanic rock. Take an exhilarating Jet boat trip along the river lined with native bush, sheer rock cliff face and hot water streams. Along the way, our trademark 360-degree spins will leave you with a beaming smile and a heart pumping with adrenaline. 

Or: Prepare for the perfect fantasy experience with the thrills of a jet boat ride, the serenity of New Zealand's untouched nature, the adventure of squeezing through tight rock passages and the refreshment from dipping in a mystical hot spring waterfall. After manoeuvring your way through narrow crevasses, climbing boulders and wading through warm waist deep water, you emerge in stunning native New Zealand bush. Immerse yourself in the environment and take the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere while relaxing in the thermal waters of a naturally heated hot spring.

Accommodation: Lake Taupo

Day 9: Taupo - Waitomo Caves

Under the green hills of Waitomo lies a labyrinth of caves, sinkholes and underground rivers. The area's name comes from the Maori words wai (water) and tomo (hole). The caves were carved by underground streams pushing through soft limestone over thousands of years. Many have amazing stalactites growing down from the ceiling and stalagmites growing up from the cave floor, pointy cones of layered rock formed over centuries by dripping water. The cave walls are also decorated with galaxies of native glow worms.

According to the Department of Troll Conservation, Cave Trolls are very rare and on the highly endangered list…but, you also could become endangered when you go on Troll Patrol! This fun activity relies on participants using their stealth; cunning and survival instincts to navigate Tom’s underground lair and complete their mission. At the start there’s a full briefing in the “Ready Room” and then you’re on your own as you take a massive elevator ride down into the bowels of the earth. If you can’t avoid Tom’s little pranks; solve his riddles and get through the cave you could end up staying down there a long time…or even worse…you could end up being Tom ’s dinner.

Accommodation: Waitomo

Day 10: Waitomo – Auckland departure

Today we make the return journey to Auckland.

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