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International Arrival Information

International Arrival Information

International Passenger Information

International arrival

Passengers carrying NZ$10,000 or more in cash and/or foreign currency equivalent must notify a Customs Officer. 

Passport control 
After completing your duty and tax-free shopping please go to passport control with the following items: 

  • Your completed New Zealand passenger arrival card which was supplied on your flight (interpretation of this card is displayed in several languages at passport control)
  • Your passport

Agriculture and quarantine 
Aroha NZ Tours hopes to inform the traveller about our quarantine regulations prior to their arrival in New Zealand. This will avoid unnecessary delays on arrival and may also avoid the disappointment of having goods confiscated and destroyed.

Quarantine declaration form 
All airline passengers are given a quarantine declaration form on their incoming flight. Passengers must fill out the form fully and truthfully, and declare all food, plant, or animal matter items. Items which should be declared include, but are not limited to:

  • Meat and animal products
  • Seeds, plants, fruit, or vegetables
  • Equipment used in contact with animals or for camping
  • Airline food

The MAF Quarantine Service is New Zealand's first line of defence against invasion by pests and diseases which could devastate the agricultural, horticultural, and forestry sectors. Because of New Zealand's geographical isolation a unique range of plants and wildlife developed here free from many of the pests and diseases which plague other countries. The MAF Quarantine Service seeks help from the public to keep New Zealand the 'Cleanest and Greenest' place on earth.

  • Some clam shells or coral are prohibited without a permit from the exporting country
  • Wooden artefacts must be inspected
  • Feathers and animal hides may need treatment
  • In general fresh perishable foodstuffs such as fruit and meat are prohibited. In some cases, official documentation may be required to allow entry
  • Live plants may be allowed in freely, restricted, or totally banned
  • Animal products may be prohibited or restricted because they can harbour a multitude of pests and diseases...

International Departure

Check-in times and procedures
Check-in time is two hours before the departure of your flight. Before arriving at the ground-floor check-in counters, please have your airline ticket and passport ready. 
Passengers who need any assistance boarding their aircraft should advise airline staff when checking-in. 
Departing passengers are required to:

  • Have a valid airline boarding pass
  • Complete a Customs departure card
  • Have a valid passport

Customs and emigration 
Before reaching the Customs counter all passengers should have ready their boarding pass with departure fee sticker, departure card, and passport. 

GST on Purchases 
Unlike other Customs administrations, there is no provision for travellers to obtain a refund of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on their purchases when they leave the country.