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New Zealand Scenic Highlights Tours

New Zealand Scenic Highlights Tours

You will be amazed by the New Zealand landscapes every day of your journey.

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Our small country's coastal borders hold a treasure trove of unique and diverse scenery, a collection that rivals that of an entire continent. It's like the world in miniature—a microcosm of some of the Earth's most impressive geographical features.

New Zealand’s natural world is a realm of exclusivity; many native species are found nowhere else on earth. Several factors contributed to this unique status. The islands are not just unique for the animals that are present but also for the absent animals. For instance, New Zealand has only two land mammals (bats) and no snakes, a testament to its distinctiveness. A simple explanation for why New Zealand’s nature is unique is evolution. 

People worldwide flock to New Zealand to witness and immerse themselves in the country’s unique nature. However, most people are drawn by the fantastic scenery, incredible vistas, beaches, and mountains. Some visitors also appreciate the country's unique flora and fauna, such as the kiwi and wetas. The islands of New Zealand are a true wonderland of exceptional landscapes and unique plants and animals, all within reach for your exploration.

New Zealand is a treasure trove of unique experiences and moments to capture for a lifetime. As an island nation with a rich geological history, it boasts snow-capped mountains, sweeping beaches, ancient volcanic peaks and craters, lush native forests, glassy lakes and fjords, and the rising steam and bubbling mud of our otherworldly geothermal areas. Whatever your interest, New Zealand has something unique to offer. 

Thanks to its unique features and unspoilt nature, this spectacular scenery has been the backdrop and the star of many major motion pictures, such as The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. Our wilderness is not just a distant dream but a reality accessible through National Parks. Awe-inspiring sights are found on walking trails and tracks that cater to all adventure levels. 

The scenic highlights even extend after dark, as New Zealand’s inky skies have been recognised as having some of the best stargazing in the world.  

Our compact size means you can quickly and easily immerse yourself in various picturesque landscapes in New Zealand. Within a few hours’ drive, you can go from alpine surroundings to a black sand beach or be deep in an ancient native forest and then high on a rocky peak, offering a thrilling array of diverse experiences.  

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