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Luxury New Zealand Travel with your Private Guide

Luxury New Zealand Travel with your Private Guide

The choice between private guided tours and standard tours can be pivotal in shaping your experience. While standard tours offer a convenient way to explore popular attractions, they often follow a pre-planned itinerary, leaving little room for spontaneity or personalisation. In contrast, private guided travel opens doors to a world of hidden gems, insider knowledge, and tailor-made adventures that can transform your journey into an unforgettable odyssey.

What are the advantages of a private guided tour?

7-Day Luxury Honeymoon Escape

7-Day Luxury Honeymoon Package New Zealand

Indulge in the luxuries of NZ and get a taste of our nation in an all-embracing tour of both islands. Immerse yourself and unwind in exclusive settings reserved only for our discerning guests.
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12-Day The Ultimate Family Adventure

12-Day Ultimate Family Adventure in the South Island NZ

Strengthen your family bond with challenging adventure activities. Rest easy knowing you're in one of the planet's most beautiful and safest places.
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12-Day Tour The Greens NZ

12-Day Luxury Golf Tour Golf Package New Zealand

Steeped in history + surrounded by breathtaking scenery, NZ’s world-class Marquee Courses, such as the Cape Kidnappers and the Kauri Cliffs Golf Course, are on every avid golfer’s bucket list.
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10-Day Best of Both World Tour

10-Day Best of the North and South Island New Zealand

It's your first time in New Zealand, and you don't have much time; still want to see the highlights of both Island of New Zealand, so this is your itinerary
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15-Day Nature & Wildlife Encounter

15-Day Wilderness Encounter South Island New Zealand

Known by the Māori as Te Wai Pounamu or Water of Greenstone, is a place of awe-inspiring, untouched scenery. Here, nature's beauty is at its purest, waiting to be discovered.
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15-Day Classic Highlights Tour

15-Day Traditional Highlights Tour of New Zealand

This exclusive tour takes you through the top locations and attractions on the North and South Islands, following a more traditional route through New Zealand.
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14-Day "Kai" Culinary Delights of NZ

14-Day Exclusive Gourmet journey through NZ

NZ is your ultimate destination if your idea of a perfect journey involves indulging in local food and wine. Embark on a culinary journey + discover the passion of top Kiwi chefs.
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12-Day Lavish & Luxe Tour

12-Day Luxury Premium Vacation in New Zealand

With a choice of world-class activities, experience the privilege of luxury lodges in stunning surroundings, offering you the most exclusive and diverse settings to relax and unwind.
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10-Day Unwind & Indulge Tour

10-Day Boutique Tour - Relax, Unwind, Indulge New Zealand

This tour is a unique opportunity to see our country while escaping from the daily stresses at home. Indulge in the splendour that awaits you at a selection of our exclusive boutique accommodations.
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18-Day The Ultimate Discovery Tour

18-Day Ultimate Luxury Discovery Tour of New Zealand

Are you yearning for an exciting and unforgettable journey to New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture while avoiding the crowds?
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21-Day Relax by Land, Air and Sea

21-Day Exclusive Holiday By Sea, Air and Land NZ

We have combined the best land, air, and sea activities with blissful time spent in magical surroundings. Unwind in an incredible luxury destination with beautiful views.
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7-Day Local Wine & Food Tour

7-Day North Island Best Local Wine & Food Tour NZ

Embark on an exclusive journey to discover NZ's wine and cuisine. Indulge in a wide range of delectable offerings featured on this culinary tour, and visit a great wine capital.
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9-Day North Island Active Adventure Tour

9-Day Ultimate North Island Adventure Tour New Zealand

Experience the unique blend of adventure and culture in NZ. During this adventure, hike, bike, soak, and, most importantly, immerse yourself in the warm embrace of traditional Maori hospitality.
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8-Day North Island Family Holiday Package

8-Day North Island Family Adventure New Zealand

New Zealand, a haven for families, offers many unique experiences. Embark on a journey to the top highlights, where you can enjoy fun activities such as hiking, wildlife spotting, and cultural tours.
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12-Day South Island Active Explorer Tour

12-Day South Island Active Explorer Tour New Zealand

The South Island's landscape, a masterpiece of nature, includes vast mountain chains, rugged coastlines, turquoise glacier lakes, deeply indented fiords and lush rainforest.
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14-Day Stay where the world cant find you

14-Day Stay where the world cant find you - New Zealand

More than luxurious accommodations + fine cuisine, these exclusive luxury retreat lodges offer a mesmerising experience. Relax + enjoy your remote surroundings in your private hideaways.
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7-Day North Island Premium Golf Tour

7-Day Best of the North Island Golf Vacation NZ

Prepare to be captivated by NZ's breathtaking array of world-class golf courses. The 14 Marquee Courses of New Zealand are a select few that are a dream come true for every avid golfer.
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7-Day Unwind & Indulge in Queenstown

7 Day - Queenstown Luxury Getaway & Escape NZ

A Week of Unparalleled Indulgence in Paradise. Immerse yourself in exclusive wine & gourmet food ventures, embark on unique adventures, and more with this crafted week-long indulgence itinerary.
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10-Day Cultural Journey through the Pacific

Island rhythms & Māori legends in South Pacific

Combine a relaxing stay and discover the cultural fabric of the Pacific designation through culture, history, art, and music. Dive into the heart with local insights.
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14-Day  World's Most Beautiful Pacific Escape

Discover the most beautiful Islands in the South Pacific

Combine a relaxing stay at the world's most beautiful lagoon, Aitutaki, in Cook Island, with the spectacular scenery of the South Island of New Zealand.
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