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We recognized a long time ago that travel couldn’t just be about busloads of people being dragged from one cheesy attraction to the next and nor could it be about bringing people to Aotearoa and letting them loose in camper vans.

We’ve known all along that tourism is a two-edged sword. It is a wonderful export earner for the country but the size isn’t everything.

We asked ourselves whether we wanted to be Fonterra (the largest dairy cooperative in the world), forever producing more and more commodity products at commodity prices, or Over The Moon Dairy producing handcrafted cheeses at premium prices. The same raw materials, very different outcomes.

Aroha never wanted to be Fonterra. We don’t talk about tourists or a tourist loop of the best-known attractions. We talk about guests for whom we provide profound experiences that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

This is one reason that the bulk of our business is either former guests returning for more experiences they didn’t fit in last time or their friends and colleagues with who they want to share the magic.

Ours is not a numbers game. We don’t herd them in one end and out the other like a sausage machine. We bring them to Aotearoa to showcase the extraordinary nature of what we have to offer at a pace that they get to marinate over time in splendor.

What we offer is the best in New Zealand. Yes, that means premium accommodation, superior transportation, and delightful restaurants, but even here, the thing that makes the experience stand out is exposure to the uniqueness of the New Zealand approach to service. Polite, informal, and informative.

Many of our experiences are guided and our network of guides are handpicked for their wit, wisdom, unflappability, and ability to make diverse groups of people comfortable and engaged.

To the best of our ability, we work to make our business carbon neutral and from 2022 there will be a number of initiatives launched to ensure we are seen to be doing our part for a sustainable future in which our guests will be an integral part.

We also understand the uniqueness of Maori culture and as the only place in the world to have been blessed with this culture, we intend to showcase it in different ways. This will include building a Maori perspective into our itineraries and as much as possible have Maori telling our guests stories about the whakapapa of their special corner of Aotearoa and educating them in ways that either honour or disrespect Maori custom.

In summary, we bring discerning guests to New Zealand. We treat them extraordinarily well in a very New Zealand way, they leave a very small footprint behind them and they send others like them to experience the same. Mostly they all come back.

Why do they come back? Yes, they’ve seen some incredible beauty. Yes, they’ve eaten some of the finest food and drunk some of the finest wine in the world and yes they’ve stayed in some exquisite and out-of-the-way places.

But, most of that you can get anywhere in the world. What makes the Aroha experience different is that they go home feeling they have been included in an overall experience that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Aroha Luxury New Zealand Tours creates friends for life and that network of friends just keeps growing.

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