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About Us

Our company recognises that tourism to some is centred around mainstream tourist hotspots, popular destinations and locations that make the best photo for your Instagram. So we asked ourselves whether we wanted to be the type of tourism provider that fits in, or if we wanted to stand out. The answer was self-explanatory.

Tourism to us is more than travel. We see tourism as an opportunity to integrate and immerse tourists in a new and unforgettable reality. The travel experience we seek to provide fosters the cross-pollination of cultures, ideologies and customs. We strive to deliver profound experiences you will treasure for the rest of your life. By taking a unique approach to tourism, our guests always seem to leave wanting more and return in flocks. 

We provide premium accommodation, superior transportation, and delightful restaurants, but even here, the experience stands out by exposure to the essence of the New Zealand culture- Polite, informal, and informative. Many of our experiences are privately guided. Our network of guides is handpicked for their wit, wisdom, unflappability, and ability to make diverse groups of people feel comfortable, welcomed and engaged.

We strive for our guests to feel heard, understood and valued. We ensure to engage with all our guests to deliver a genuinely breathtaking travel experience. We strive to get to know each customer's preferences, prerogatives and personality to develop a fully personalised and bespoke tour. By doing this, we can guarantee you will have a trip of a lifetime piloted by you.

Sustainability is integral to us; we have outlined a rigorous sustainable and ethical policy, ensuring our business operations align with our sustainable commitments. We endeavour to make our business carbon neutral, and since 2018, several sustainable initiatives have been launched to ensure we are doing our part for a sustainable future. We have established a carbon offset strategy by adopting a native regenerative planting scheme. As a result, we have been offsetting our annual carbon emissions since 2018.

We understand the uniqueness of Aotearoa's indigenous Māori heritage. As the only place in the world to have been blessed with this culture, we intend to highlight it in different ways - not exploit it. In doing so, we promote long-term sustainable outcomes by integrating Māori ethics and values. Integrating indigenous ethics allows Taonga to flourish rather than degenerate at the hands of tourism.

We bring discerning guests to New Zealand. Guests leave a minimal footprint, ensuring they respect their natural and cultural surroundings. Our visitors almost always suggest our company to friends and family, so they, too, have the pleasure of experiencing the same as they did.