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Offsetting Our Carbon: One Tree at a Time

Offsetting Our Carbon: One Tree at a Time

Global climate change is predominantly determined by the release of greenhouse gas produced by human activity (Stats NZ, 2020). Substances considered 'greenhouse gas' include carbon dioxide (CO2-e), methane and nitrate oxide, and various other gases (Stats NZ, 2020). The continuous release and accumulation of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere due to human activity are overwhelmingly harmful to the Earth's atmosphere and eventually lead to the degeneration of our precious natural resources (Stats NZ, 2020).  In Aotearoa, most of the determinants contributing to greenhouse gas emissions total were transport-related emissions, with 90.7% from vehicle emissions and 6.7% of emissions caused by domestic aviation (Stats NZ, 2020).

Our Carbon Offset Strategy: A Native Regenerative Planting Scheme

Our carbon offset strategy is a sustainable development initiative to enhance and further exercise our current mission of promoting sustainable and ethical outcomes for Aotearoa's natural and cultural environments and ecologies. We aim to ensure that we offset and compensate for any carbon emissions produced by our company, alongside balancing our customer's carbon output on an annual basis. Ultimately, we aspire to become carbon neutral in the years to come.

We strive to mitigate the effects of greenhouse gases on Aotearoa's natural environment by implementing a native regenerative planting scheme and specifically targeting travel and transport-related emissions and emissions related to dairy farming.

The average carbon emissions for Aroha Luxury New Zealand Tours equate to 23.60t of carbon dioxide generated annually. Thus, the average sum of 23.60t of carbon dioxide requires a total of 373 native trees and shrubs with a 20-year lifespan to be planted yearly to offset the average annual emissions generated by Aroha Luxury New Zealand Tours.

2000 Native trees and shrubs were planted as a part of our carbon offset strategy