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Private Jet Tours

Private Jet Tours

Planning a business trip and need to get a group of executives to multiple destinations with the ability to work on board? Or is it a family group vacation, including the beloved dog? Whatever the reason for travel, our Charter Managers can plan and manage your travel requirements and match the right jet to your needs. 

For individual or small-group travel, light jets can be ideal. They are suited to short-haul travel and provide the convenience of private travel without needing flight attendants. In addition, light jets can get you to more remote locations with shorter runways and provide an alternative to turbo-prop aircraft.

For larger groups, specific service requirements or medium-long haul travel, mid-sized jets can offer the flexibility you need. These jets provide additional onboard amenities such as bathrooms and lie-flat beds and can accommodate a flight attendant when required.

A heavy jet may be the appropriate solution for larger groups or those wanting to travel further. These jets provide plenty of space and various on-board amenities, from spacious stand-up cabins to full bathrooms and ample luggage capacity.