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Alex Goden Shute, Ithaca Partners, London/UK

31 December 2013

Hi Veronika, ... thank you SO much from all of us, for such a fabulous holiday. We had a wonderful, wonderful time. We saw such fabulous places, stayed with such lovely people in some really inspiring lodges, and generally ate and drank stupendously well. You organised it wonderfully well, and it was also a real treat to get to know you better and experience your fabulous enthusiasm for New Zealand - the country is very lucky to have you as an Ambassador.... So, all in all, we have returned to the UK full of sun, energy and wonderful stories of a joyous holiday (the UK is cold, dreary and still has no signs of Spring coming through… so we’re in danger of irritating most people we speak to about our trip!). And it was largely due to you that we saw such wonderful places and had such a great time. Thank you SO much. I suspect you will see all or some of us again. We’ve certainly talked about how fabulous the trip was, and how we’d all love to come back. I hope we do. Thank you again. Love and best wishes,