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Alison Stoner, Melbourne, Australia

31 December 2013

Hi Veronika, Yes, back to reality now! So, overall, we had the most amazing holiday! Thank you so much, choices of hotels were all fantastic, not a single complaint, and lovely to have the varying levels of luxury versus lodge versus apt. Chris was great and couldn't do enough to help us, he was very accommodating. Trips were also on the most part fantastic...I guess Chris has told you of the changes we made. But seriously, these were tiny issues at the end of the day and did not spoil what was our best holiday ever!. We will definitely be travelling back to New Zealand, we know that for sure, we may even go skiing there this year. Back to Chris for a moment, I just want to say again thanks to him. He was amazing with the kids and they really took to him! A real treat for us to be able to do these things together and to know that the kids were really happy. One of my particular highlights was when he took us to 'nins bin' for fresh crayfish, and he had brought along bread, mayo and lemon! I have been dreaming of that sandwich ever since! Very thoughtful chap...It was absolutely the right decision to go with Aroha tours, and thank you so much for the efforts you put in to organising such a fabulous itinerary. I will definitely recommend you to friends as most of them want to go to NZ after seeing our photos!