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Surjit & Raminder Bhasin, USA

10 October 2014

Dear Veronika, My apologies in writing to you so late after our return from AUS-NZ. The jet lag has been very prolonged and there was a ton of work piled up in the two weeks that we were away. Raminder and I want to thank you for a really, really wonderful trip. Your pride in showing off your country was readily apparent. We really enjoyed your commentary. Yes, indeed NZ is a beautiful country. We have been telling all our friends how beautiful it is and that they all should visit when they get a chance. I hope the Govt. and the people of NZ don't tamper with the natural beauty and wide open spaces. Please convey our thanks to Steve for taking such good care of us in Queenstown. Best wishes to you and DJ. It was nice to meet him, even though for a short time. Surjit & Raminder Bhasin, MI/USA