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Theresa Jones from Tampa-Florida/USA

14 October 2014

1. Veronika was fantastic, amazing and wonderful to work with, 2. Love your environmental concerns and picks of eco-friendly tours. 3. Veronika's selections were great. They were not the most touristy and common things to do. However, the selections were unique by directing us to local and more New Zealand type things to do. The Ridgeline Tour in Wanaka was the best. We enjoyed the entire day on the sheep farm and going to the top. What a great guide in Mark (put this on Trip Advisor, too). And, then the coordination and turn over to the jet-boat in Wanaka was a great choice. Staying in Queenstown there were so many options and doing both of these in Wanaka was better. We loved this community and would have not found if it weren't for Veronika. 4. Veronika kept an eye on us during our entire stay. We were able to interact via email and she was always ahead of me. This was great in trying to get to Milford Sound, which had to be switched to different day and even limited on the day we did go. I felt comfortable and at ease knowing she was there for us and would step in when needed. 5. And the preparation efforts was a great experience…Veronika and I continually exchanged ideas and she put together the best schedule for us. Even our wine tour was modified to our groups' desires on the day of our tours. 6. I knew I was going to have great experience in working with Veronika and was not disappointed with ANY of our experiences. Would love to go back to New Zealand! that's a testimonial in itself ... But, even more so due to our great experiences. The entire group couldn't say enough about each day and how ALL of them loved (seven of us). THANK YOU .. THANK YOU..