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Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Vision

Providing experiences and adventures that will touch body, mind, and soul.

Our Mission

"We don't just provide travel; we provide experiences that last a lifetime."

Aroha Luxury New Zealand Tours is an inbound tourism operator that aims to provide tourists with fully immersive, personalised, and luxury tours around Aotearoa. We endeavour to deliver memorable and extraordinary travel adventures by engaging tourists in experiences governed by Aotearoa's natural environment and cultural landscape.


Aroha Luxury New Zealand Tours' company culture and values reflect our team members and our overarching passion for the tourism industry. As a tourism provider, we are responsible for providing clients, partners, suppliers and stakeholders with positive and meaningful exchanges guided by integrity and transparency, diversity and inclusivity, and enriching and immersive experiences alongside efficiency and productivity. Integrity and transparency, diversity and inclusivity, enriching and immersive experiences, and efficiency and productivity are all encircled by the overarching theme of Aroha (love) and gratitude for partaking in and contributing to the tourism industry in Aotearoa.

  • Operating with integrity and transparency is integral, especially within the tourism sector. Aroha New Zealand Tours not only self-represents but also reflects New Zealand as a nation and society. Additionally, we are responsible for representing the indigenous Māori with a well-rounded understanding of Mātauranga (Māori cultural knowledge) and Tikanga Māori (Māori cultural practices) to truthfully reflect the Māori culture and customs, free from exploitation and misrepresentation.
  • Additionally, we strive to engage with clients and all stakeholders with complete honesty, integrity, and openness to build amplified trust, rapport, and authentic connections, adding value and generating understanding amongst those with whom we interact.
  • Aroha New Zealand Tours values and acknowledges the importance of diversity and inclusivity. Tourism as a whole, to us, is founded by and resembles connecting with all walks of life, engaging in positive cultural exchange and fostering 'cross-pollination' of culture, traditions and ideologies to evoke meaningful and unforgettable experiences. Accordingly, we embrace and welcome all religions, ethnicities, sexes, sexual orientations, gender identifications, native languages, medical or vaccination statuses, disabilities, marital positions, pregnancies, citizenships, ages and any other personal characteristics.
  • Aroha New Zealand Tours is committed to producing enriching and immersive experiences for our clients. We endeavour to represent and showcase Aotearoa's indigenous culture, environment and community to tourists on a deeper, more profound level. Nowadays, many tourism enterprises are predominantly guided by Western ideologies and standards, leading to the misrepresentation, exploitation and appropriation of the Māori culture, resulting in the dilution of Tikanga at the expense of existing Māori populations and their expression throughout both domestic and international communities.
  • Thus, Aroha New Zealand Tours adopts well-informed indigenous frameworks such as the Mauri Ora Values System by Matunga (2020) to generate stronger authentic Māori tourism experiences. Aroha New Zealand Tours fully submerges tourists in authentic and genuine cultural experiences and engrosses tourists with Aotearoa's natural environment, which is saturated with spiritual significance and indigenous cultural heritage. Our philosophy is that to portray and encapsulate Aotearoa correctly, tourists must participate in authentic and accurate cultural and environmental experiences with immersive qualities to stimulate their mind, body and soul. Thus, generating meaningful and memorable tourist experiences that will last a lifetime.
  • Additionally, we work with fierce efficiency and productivity in order to cater to the needs of our clients and future clients. Aroha New Zealand Tours strives to make touring with us comfortable, organised, and well-systemised so that all clients have a pleasurable and satisfying time while travelling or communicating with our valued staff members. We aim to continue to grow and evolve as a business by applying efficiency and productivity to generate the best possible touring experiences for our clients and future travellers.

We strive to centre our tourism enterprise around Māori cultural values and worldviews to represent Aotearoa's indigenous Māori heritage. Aroha Luxury New Zealand Tours is guided by the Māori ethics of Kaitiakitanga, Manaakitanga, Mōhiotanga and Kotahitanga, alongside the 'Tiaki Promise' principles. We endeavour to connect tourists with the land and encourage tourists to acknowledge the reciprocal and symbiotic relationship humans have with nature.


Manaakitanga is a Māori ethic that refers to hospitality and respect for people and nature. Aroha Luxury New Zealand Tours upholds the Māori ethic of Manaakitanga by ensuring tourists feel catered for and embraced by our staff, guides, hosts and locals. We aspire to convey a sense of acceptance and belonging to our tourists while visiting Aotearoa to promote a memorable tourism experience.


Kaitiakitanga is a Māori ethic that reflects stewardship and guardianship of the Whenua (land) and its environmental and cultural resources. Aroha Luxury New Zealand Tours endeavours to enlighten tourists about their responsibility as visitors to engage in tours as kaitiaki (stewards) of the land. Therefore, we actively inform tourists that they must respectfully and consciously consider indigenous philosophies regarding engagement with the Whenua, Taonga and natural resources.


Mōhiotanga is a Māori ethic that refers to knowledge, awareness, understanding, and the sharing of knowledge. Aroha Luxury New Zealand Tours demonstrates the ethic of Mōhiotanga by enlightening, informing, and sharing knowledge with our guests relevant to each tour. We seek to provide tourists with indigenous perspectives while touring Aotearoa to facilitate awareness and appreciation for Aotearoa's heritage.


Kotahitanga relates to unity between cultures and the collective, alongside collective action. Aroha Luxury New Zealand Tours exhibits the ethic of Kotahitanga by marketing tourism experiences to a culturally diverse spectrum of individuals, encouraging cultural exchange between tourists and the hosting country. Aroha Luxury New Zealand Tours

further demonstrates Kotahitanga by educating tourists about the indigenous Māori culture, promoting harmony, understanding and unity between indigenous and foreign communities.


The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to protecting and preserving Aotearoa's cultural and environmental resources for past, present and future generations.