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Denise & Pat Droppleman, USA

3 August 2016

Hi Veronika, We had an incredible vacation! Our painting (the NZ flax plant) just came in. I can't wait to get it framed. You were so right on meeting everything we desired for our vacation. The food was to die for, the lodges were out of this world (not a figure of speech, ha). We fell in love with the people. Everywhere we went was an experience we'll never forget. Thank you for going the extra mile to accommodate everything we wanted to do. The fishing was a wonderful treat that we had not anticipated. We keep going back to our pictures and reliving everything. You'r an exceptional guide and coordinator, we were so impressed. You passion is obvious. And we loved sharing Valentine's day and your Birthday, you were darling. The best part by far was meeting your family, being at your farm and sharing time with DJ. You are a beautiful couple and that’s why we miss you so much. Thank you for incredible memories that we will hold forever. Your Awesome! Take care.

Lots of love,