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New Zealand Sustainable Tourism and Eco Travel

New Zealand Sustainable Tourism and Eco Travel

Tourism in New Zealand relies on us maintaining the pristine environment, stunning scenery, and indigenous culture that sets New Zealand apart.

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We attract visitors from all corners of the globe and ensure that we provide quality and sustainable travel experiences.

As a traveller, you have choices and opportunities to be a responsible visitor. Through our actions, we have demonstrated a solid commitment to sustainable practices. This means we are attentive to vital areas such as energy efficiency, waste management, recycling, minimizing water usage, and supporting the local community. We are proud participants of the Tiaki Promise. 

As one of New Zealand's best nature tour operators, we will guide you to unique places and share our extensive ecotourism knowledge with you. Our wildlife tours can include bird watching, whale watching, marine mammals, hiking (called tramping in New Zealand), and alpine flora and fauna. Enjoy dolphins, penguins, seals, and albatross in their natural habitat. Try trekking, kayaking, and biking while observing the variety of New Zealand wildlife. 

New Zealand offers a top selection of eco and nature tourism attractions which are perfect for viewing New Zealand's beautiful scenery. With its many kilometres of coastline and numerous offshore islands, New Zealand offers one of the world's best opportunities to view marine mammals and pelagic sea birds. 

New Zealand has a fantastic range of wildlife observable in its natural environment.

Here are some of our personal favourites: 

  • New Zealand has many dolphin species, and many visitors consider swimming with dolphins to be one of the best experiences they've had
  • An introduction to the Kiwi bird, New Zealand's strange and wonderful national icon
  • Cruise and snorkel (dive) at the Poor Knights in Northland
  • View a giant kauri tree at Wapoua Forest or Trounson Park
  • Explore places that have been shaped and coloured by volcanic and geothermal forces for thousands of years
  • Enjoy the Glow-worm Caves in Waitomo and on West Coast
  • Take a water taxi and swim with seals in Abel Tasman Park
  • Whale Watch (Sperm whales) and take a cruise in Kaikoura
  • Swim with the Dolphin Watch (Bottlenose Dolphins) in Kaikoura
  • Swim with wild New Zealand Fur Seals in the shallow waters of the Kaikoura Peninsula - a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Kayak to see the blue and yellow-eyed penguins at  the conservation reserve in Akaroa Peninsula
  • Enjoy a royal albatross encounter on the Otago Peninsula
  • Take a jet boat ride and walk to the White Heron breeding grounds at Whararoa/West Coast
  • Journey on an eco boat cruise on the Milford Adventurer into Milford Sound
  • Discover New Zealand's three species of penguin. You cannot help but be charmed by these amazing birds that have a character all of their own
  • See a flightless Takahe at the sanctuary in Te Anau
  • Participate in bird-watching tours at Stewart Island (Kiwi encounter).

Aroha New Zealand Tours is committed to sustainable business practices, which help conserve the physical and social/cultural environment and the natural environment, such as ecosystems, biodiversity, ty, and native flora and fauna, which are essential to New Zealand and tourism industry. Sustainably using these resources will ensure their protection in the future.

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